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  • John Bilich (Friday, June 14 19 08:56 pm EDT)

    Are you viewing Jupiter this week? The moons are visible with binoculars.

  • Jessica (Tuesday, April 01 14 05:20 pm EDT)

    saw your youtube vid.... it was great! thanks! I'm taking an astronomy class... but..... it seems a bit confusing.... the teachers don't believe in God... so... not certain to hear all of what they
    say.. u know!!

  • William (Sunday, September 22 13 08:13 pm EDT)

    Totally love the site, buddy. Everytime I stop by you have added something new. Thank you for allowing me to be a friend and part of your life . You are awesome, really looking forward to hangin with
    you at Starfest!

  • William (Sunday, October 28 12 12:04 am EDT)

    Love your site Brandon. Awesome! See you next Friday at club meeting.

  • William Troxel (Saturday, October 06 12 10:20 am EDT)

    Thank you Brandon for sharing. You are a great guy. You have an amazing talent.

  • Dan Merrick (Wednesday, April 18 12 10:03 pm EDT)

    Nice work Brandon

  • Robert Mumford (Saturday, April 07 12 09:04 am EDT)

    Brandon, Good site. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures on here.And thanks for the info on mounts and techniques.

    Robert M

  • William (Tuesday, February 14 12 09:03 pm EST)

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your pictures. You are becoming very good . Enjoy your talent Brandon. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

  • William (Sunday, December 04 11 10:57 am EST)

    Good Morning Brandon, Looking at your website. I think it is awesome ! You have some great pictures in your photo section. I forgot to ask you if you had started working with taking photos with just
    the camera on the tripod?
    Keep up the great work the web site is really good.

  • Dan Merrick (Saturday, December 03 11 08:56 am EST)

    Anxious to see how the Jupiter images stack.

  • William Troxel (Friday, December 02 11 10:19 pm EST)

    totally awesome site Brandon.

  • ray (Thursday, November 24 11 04:30 pm EST)

    i dig your site keep it up

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